Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching Babies by Night

Many of you know that the area of nursing I am most found about is Labor and Delivery! I have been so fortunate to have been placed in a Midwifery clinic here. In South Africa, most women use midwives to deliver, not doctors. I chose to do night shifts at the clinic because that is when it is the busiest (that's why I look half awake in these pictures)! So what do you know, the midwives have taught me how to "catch babies" or in other words...deliver babies! What an amazing experience it has been! So far I have caught 5 babies, all of which have been girls! This is the first little girl I delivered.
This is a typical delivery room in South Africa. And that is also the typical attire worn by the midwive for a delivery!
This is the second little girl I delivered! African babies are so adorable! They all come out with a full head of small, black, curly hair! It's so cute!
Yet again...another girl!


  1. what a woman! that's awesome!

  2. Rachelle - that is so, SO cool! What invaluable experience and a marvelous adventure for you! : )

    - Sarah